Freight Services

We at JP Transport Corp. are able to provide all of our customers with whatever service is required to meet your needs. We are equipped and committed to provide you as our valued customer the best possible service in whatever field you so desire.

In the Air Freight Field:
We provide service from airport to your door and from your door to any of the major cargo airlines on the Island. Servicing all three major airports in Puerto Rico.

In the Maritime Freight Field:
We have permits to enter any of the major shipping lines on the island, whether it would be for pick up or delivery. Please be advise that whenever we take on the commitment to move any containers from or to the piers we go to any extreme in making sure that the customers request are met and serviced.

In Ground Services Field:
These services are provided upon your request. We provide pick up and delivery services to all points on the island.

These services are provided seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We at JP Transport Corp. take services for our customers in very high regards. We are committed to excellence in the transport industry.

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